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Very Useful!!

Love all the features this app offers!

Best app

No other pregnancy tracking app out there! Used Ovia to get pregnant, then got me through my first pregnancy and using it again with my second!

My Review

Best App Ever

Great app

Love this app!!!

Best one out there

Out of all the apps Ive tried this is my favorite. Tons of useful information and articles are constantly updated to your feed with daily facts about your little one. There are also a lot of different tools for you to use. Love it!

Wonderful App For Expecting Moms!!!

I downloaded about 5 different pregnancy apps and deleted all but this one!! This is such a great way to track your pregnancy. It gives you updates daily on whats going on with your body as well as the growth of the baby. I love the food safety look up area; it helps when I am on the go and need a quick reference. If youre pregnant I would 100% suggest this app, its wonderful!!

I love the app but..

The app is great I used it last time I was pregnant but they really need to add the fibit Alta so I can sync my steps and sleep!

Best app helpful and handy

This makes your pregnancy and questions so much easier and smooth. I totally recommend it.

Great app

Love the week by week info. Little red hand is so cute and exciting to watch get bigger as your baby grows. Only thing I didnt like was some very negative people in the community section. Not the apps fault tho.

So much info and fun too!

My wife and I love this app

The best!

Best pregnancy app out there!!!!!

Appealing, interesting app

This app is very easy to use. It gives just enough personalized relevant info based. It is visually appealing and has cute features. This app makes the pregnancy journey more exciting so far! Hope that they add more articles and videos because sometimes you just cant get enough!

Amazing for first time pregnancy

I love the weekly updates that tell me what my baby looks like, what it is developing, whats happening to my body, etc. This app is very informative with medicine lookups, food lookups, and even symptom lookups. I highly recommend it!

Best app

So glad a friend recommended this app to me. Doesnt compare to the others out there! It has helped me gain knowledge (I knew absolutely nothing before becoming pregnant) and ease anxiety because I can easily check the safety of foods/meds with a few taps. Plenty of other great features, check it out!

Most helpful pregnancy app!

I downloaded 4 different pregnancy apps when I found out I was pregnant. I liked different features of each one initially, but week by week, I noticed myself using the others less, and began using Ovia solely. The features are super helpful and practical (food safety look-up, medicine safety look-up, nutrition and activity trackers). And the videos are far more practical and less cheesy than the other apps. I wish I had started taking full advantage of the Ovia app earlier in my pregnancy!


This app is so helpful and accurate I wake up at midnight every day to see whats new with my baby

Great App!

Love this app! I check it everyday and recommend it to anyone who is pregnant or if trying to become pregnant the ovia fertility app! This app has lots of interesting information and is a fun way to track your babys development!

I absolutely love it!

It keeps me excited about my baby and gives me fun little things to read about my pregnancy. Its so cute how they update me on my babys size by using fruit and food. So adorable!

Love the app, but the dates are wrong!

I love this app, super cute, great articles and something other than fruit to tell me the size of my baby. The only problem (and for me it was a big one) is it tracks your due date and how many weeks along you are based on a 6 day week, instead of a 7 day week. For example, if you are 12 weeks 7 days, it will automatically say you are 13 weeks and 1 day. This throws your due date way off and can get confusing when you head to the doctor. The app just does not count the 7 days in a week. I do understand 12 weeks +7 days = 13 weeks, but they are not counting the 7th day. It should go (variable day) Monday - 12 weeks Tuesday - 12 weeks 2 days Wednesday - 12 weeks 3 days Thursday - 12 weeks 4 days Friday - 12 weeks 5 days Saturday - 12 weeks 6 days Sunday - 12 weeks 7 days Monday - 13 weeks Instead, the app starts the new week a day early.

Good app

Good app even after baby is born

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