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Excellent to follow the development!

great and intelligent design

everyday new information about the pregnancy and interesting science facts - best pregnancy app!

Ivf ?

It would be great if there was a version of this app for ivf or surrogates.


Ever since the last update, it wont open for me. Needs to be corrected.

Love this app

Awesome app!! Super accurate!! I follow it and have a look everyday... Highly recommended for anyone having first time pregnancy as it helps answer a lot of questions.

My Baby Buddy

This app helped me throughout my pregnancy and it continues to give me info after giving birth. Super duper app!

Error right off the bat

The server with the specified hostname could not be found - Im getting this from the very start when trying to register. Please fix it :)

Love it!

I loved the Ovia version of the app when we were trying to conceive, and I love the pregnancy version even more! Great updates on the baby, and I love how the calendar lets you know how far along youll be by certain dates- 17 weeks by my wedding! :)


i so love this app!! specially to a first time mom like me,it such a help to and learned things. thank you :)

Refreshingly simple and full of useful information

So glad I found this app!! When so many pregnancy apps are cluttered with ads and click-bait titles, this app has the information I want in a lovely, well-designed interface. Especially love the food and medication safety lookup, and the personalization of the content with our nickname for the little one. Its a small touch, but wonderful.

Excellent !

So much fun ! Cute updates ! Lots of Good info !

Great !

Love this app . Ive tried out a bunch of apps to compare and this one is the best . Love checking this app every morning throughout my pregnancy

Cute app

Great daily updates on babies development and the pregnancy itself. Lists of food and medication safety, and symptoms.. Great app.. My favourite feature is seeing the size of your babys hand!

Great App!

Love this app! I check it everyday and recommend it to anyone who is pregnant or if trying to become pregnant the ovia fertility app! This app has lots of interesting information and is a fun way to track your babys development!

Appealing, interesting app

This app is very easy to use. It gives just enough personalized relevant info based. It is visually appealing and has cute features. This app makes the pregnancy journey more exciting so far! Hope that they add more articles and videos because sometimes you just cant get enough!

The best!

Best pregnancy app out there!!!!!

Great app

Love this app!!!

Best app

No other pregnancy tracking app out there! Used Ovia to get pregnant, then got me through my first pregnancy and using it again with my second!

Amazing app

Really happy with this app. Its been so helpful


Very helpfully

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